Xeriscaping, for Those Who Don’t Do Yard Work

In full disclosure “xeriscaping” is actually a science that utilizes dryer climates to still create marvelous yards with drought-tolerant plants, mulch, and efficient irrigation. This post is a more tongue-in-cheek list of ways to do without yard work and still have a fabulous space to show off.


From elevated to simple platforms, decks don’t need to be mowed! Match the paint to the color of the house, take some of your maintenance savings and invest in cool furniture and by all means jump on the “lighting bandwagon”. Edison string lights are all the rage and can often be used with remote control for different colors and settings.

Tall Grass

Not all grass is created equal. Tall grasses, like Switchgrass, Bluestem, Muhly, and Fountain grass, all grow fast and require very little TLC. Nor do they ever get mowed.

Native grasses are a great solution to a lot of landscaping problems, as they soak up lots of water and provide an organic privacy screen while trimming your mowing time.

Plant them along fence lines, walkways, or in random clusters and then just forget them. Minus some trimming in the fall, you won’t have to touch them.


Be careful to stay away from the simple truckload of ground cover gravel! People can smell lazy from a mile away. Instead take some time to get big boulders, lake rock, gravel, and create a rock garden. For a splash of color, you can plant a few succulents. These need little water and maintenance and can reproduce like crazy.

Lazy Garden

Do you have a spot in your yard where water collects? All you have to do is throw scraps of vegetation that have their own seeds and watch it grow itself. Jack-O-Lanterns (pumpkins), horseradish root, tomatoes, you name is. Toss it into your damp abyss, throw some fresh soil on top and wait. In a couple of seasons, you will be growing pumpkins worthy of the county fair!


Use pavers, stones or, flagstone to create meandering paths from spot to spot. These work well with bench sitting areas, small platform decks, or ponds and allow you and visitors to experience your whole yard in the direction you intend them to go.

Fake Grass

Honesty faux turf has become as good as the real thing! You will not have a backyard that looks like the run down mini-golf course from your youth. The most wonderful thing about fake grass is it stays vibrant green all year round (no spots) and will never get too hot to walk on. Seriously, research fake grass ideas and be prepared to have your mind blown.

Not everybody loves to push a mower around every week or invest in a foam kneepad for your weed problem. Homeownership does not require a green thumb and you can still capitalize on nature and the wow factor!

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